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Rabbi Baruch Korman

June 6-7, 2024
at Bethel Church, Evansville, IN. 

Who are the Four Horsemen of Revelation? What is the Geo-Political state of Israel from a Biblical and Prophetic perspective?  What can we understand from the Beast and the Harlot in the Book of Revelation?  Rabbi Baruch Korman, will join us for a weekend conference at Bethel Church on Friday night and Saturday June 6-7 to unpack these questions and more on the Book of Revelation, end times, and Biblical prophecy.  Baruch and his wife, Rivka, will be joining Dr Prince for an update on living in Israel, and there will be time for audience Q&A on session topics.  Registration is $20.00 per person including coffee, light breakfast items, and Sat. evening casual dinner at the church ie: Mexican/Italian style buffet (Non-Kosher).  


Rabbi Baruch Korman,  PhD, is the Director of  The purpose of this organization is to share Biblical Teaching in Israel first and then to the rest of the nations.  He teaches in Hebrew at the Zera Avraham Institute based in Israel, as well as on Pdut L’amo, a weekly Bible study which airs on television throughout Israel in Hebrew.  An English version of this program, Love Israel with Baruch Korman is broadcast around the world via Daystar Television Network, GOD TV, Faith Broadcasting Network and many other international networks. 

Baruch and his wife Rivka live in Israel and have been married since 1987. They have 3 adult children who all live in Israel.

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