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Even in a time when we need to be physically distant from one another, as Christians we’re bound together as one body, with one Lord, through the power of one Holy Spirit - we are in Christ together with every other follower of Jesus, around the world and throughout history.


This Easter Sunday at 11 AM, we’ll have the opportunity to express that shared union with Christ by gathering with other local congregations for a drive-in Easter service at Eastland Mall. Just like in our Bethel drive-in service, you need to keep a few things in mind:


  • In order for this gathering to remain safe for everyone, it’s critical that you remain in your vehicle the entire time, with your windows open no more than a few inches.

  • Before you leave your house, be sure to use the restroom and bring your own communion elements. The building will not be open, and we will not be handing anything out.

  • When you arrive, volunteers will direct you to a parking space at least 6 feet away from other vehicles. Please take a look at the traffic flow map below to help entry and exit run smoothly.

  • Once parked, you’ll turn off your engine and tune in to 104.1 FM (Yes, finally you will control the volume of the worship service).

  • If you have kids, you might consider bringing a device and headphones so that during the message they can view the pre-recorded children’s teaching.

  • Lastly, if you’re exhibiting any respiratory symptoms, have had exposure to COVID-19, or are at a high health risk yourself, we ask that you play it safe by joining us online or by tuning into 104.1 from home.


Whether you join us in your car or from your home, we’re looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection with you and with Christians all around the globe.





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