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DECEMBER  19th  -  24th

You're invited to celebrate the good news of Christmas - that GOD IS WITH US!

Join us for ice skating, carriage rides, mini train rides, s'mores, cocoa, singing, and more as we celebrate together the joy of Christ's coming.


Christmas Celebration

DECEMBER 19  |  5PM - 8PM
Children's Christmas program, Ice Skating, Carriage Rides, Mini Train Rides, Petting Zoo, Food Truck, S'mores and Cocoa

Christmas Eve

DECEMBER 24  |  4PM - 5PM
Family candlelight service, singing, Scriptures

Skate Nights

CAB decor 2.png

Monday, December 20th   11 AM - 8 PM

First Responders & Health Care

Ice skating, Food truck, 

Tuesday, December 21st   11 AM - 3 PM

Hebron Elementary Families & Staff

Ice skating, Food truck, 

Tuesday, December 21st   7 PM - 9 PM

College & Young Adults

Ice skating, Food truck, 

Wednesday, December 22nd   6:30 PM - 9 PM

Middle School & High School Students

Ice skating, Food truck, 
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