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In 1982 at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Rev. Billy Graham shared his thoughts on his life calling to the University audience.
"I am, as you know, a Christian clergyman. I’m called an evangelist. I used to resent that term evangelist because it conjured up ideas of emotionalism, anti-intellectualism, anti-church, brimstone and Hell and so forth, but then as I began to study the word, I began to realize it was used in the old Greek City-States for an announcer. They didn’t have newspapers or television in those days, so they had a man that would go around and announce the news. That word was carried over in the New Testament called Evangelist . . . an announcer. An announcer in the New Testament sense of Good News, of what is called the Gospel, and that’s what I became."

Bethel Church honors Rev. Billy Graham today for being a continual announcer of the Good news of Jesus. Many many people, including some of the leaders in our own Church, have to come to know Jesus in a personal way because of his faithful and repetitious announcements about Jesus everywhere he went. Dr. Graham will be missed.
(Photo: Billy Graham Evangelistic Society) #bethelevv #billygraham #preach #gospel

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